Playdate: New Game System Announced!

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If you look like we might have a new game system in the market. Created by software developer Panic, the game system is called Playdate and it is unlike the other game system we have right now.

The system comes with a yellow exterior casing and it is small enough that you will be able to fit it in your pocket. It has a black and white screen and also a crank.

According to Panic, they wanted to do more than just publish games and that is where the had the idea of creating a new game system. The system will have 12 brand new game with one being released every week. As for the hand crank, not all games will use it as it will also have other controls like the A and B buttons and a D-Pad.

The new game system will be arriving in 2020 and will come with a $150 price tag, all 12 games included.