Pocophone F1 Exposes Everything Wrong With Moto G6!

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Xiaomi’s all-new Pocophone F1 has gained a lot of attention from the consumers since it made its debut in Asia and this is because of the device being much like the original OnePlus smartphone.

The OnePlus One is a device that you can never hate as it offers a flagship-rivalling performance despite retailing with a midrange MSRP. The all-new Pocophone F1 is built with the exact same recipe hence the tremendous amount of interest shown on the device.

To keep things brief, the Pocophone F1 features a 6.2” full HD 1080p display and the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset. The icing on the cake is with the price of the Pocophone F1 that is said to be about $300.

If so, the device is only about $30 more expansive that the Motorola Moto G6 Plus – a phone that has been dressed as the best midrange phone around.

This belief has been shaken by Nokia that offers cheaper and better smartphones in recent months and now, Xiaomi’s all-new Pocophone F1 brings the killing blow. If Motorola had priced the G6 from $200, the situation could be different today.