Pocophone F1 Success Secures Fans A Successor

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We know that the new Pocophone F1 was going to be a hit but nobody expected it to do so well. Of course, with a price tag and specs like that, it deserves all the attention it got.

The new Pocophone F1 was released with a $350 price tag which is way lower than what most of the premium smartphones are asking for right now. Despite its small price tag, the device came fitted with some of the best techs and features Xiaomi had to offer.

Thanks to the success of the Pocophone F1, Xiaomi has now announced that its successor, the F2 is already in development and that we should be seeing it in less than 8months from now. No word on what upgrades we will be seeing on the new device but some fans have speculated that the device would get a massive price hike now that Xiaomi has gotten the attention of the consumers.