Pocophone F2 Gets An Early Approval From Xiaomi

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Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 has turned into a huge hit in the market and this is mostly owed to the value which it has to offer. For less than $350, you can get yourself a phone that has a similar performance to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other Android—powered devices.

The value aspect of the Pocophone F1 has placed it among the top selling devices right now and this achievement has lightened up Xiaomi’s mood. The tech giant is simply thrilled by the positive feedback on the Pocophone F1 that they have started talking about a sequel product.

Xiaomi revealed that sales of the F1 has greatly exceeded their expectations and it has led them to jump straight into the F2’s development. The China-based manufacturer followed things up by promising to launch the Pocophone F2 within 6-8 months from now.

As good as the F1 is, many are wary of how fast prices can hike through sequel products hence they are not placing high hopes on the F2. The jury will be out next year.