Samsung Foldable Smartphone Has A Date

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Talks about Samsung working on a foldable smartphone has been going around for some time now but we have not seen much of the device. Luckily, it looks like the wait is almost over for us as we might already have an announcemnet date for the upcoming folable smartphone.

The device is believe to be called the Samsung Galaxy X and Samsung has just release a new teaser image for the device suggesting that the device will be revealed later this month.

According to the teaser, we should be seeing the device on the 20th of February. Besides Samsung, a few other smartphone manufacturers seems to be working on a foldable smartphone of their own as well and we should be seeing a few of them announced this year.

While we are not sure if there is really a market for such a smartphone yet, it will still be interesting to see how Samsung thinks the new foldable smartphone should look like now.