Samsung Galaxy A9 Is Made For Camera Junkies

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With flagship phones getting more and more expansive with every new model released, many have begun settling for a midrange device. It’s not so bad today as the average midrange smartphone can offer a respectable performance.

The only setback with a mid-ranger so far is the absence of good rear cameras. Well, this will look to change next week when Samsung launches the Galaxy A9.

It was confirmed earlier today that the Galaxy A9 will feature a quad-camera setup where there will be a single front-facing unit and tri-lens on the rear panel. This will be the first time for Samsung to offer triple-lens rear camera and many expects it to be an experimental offering to prepare for the Galaxy S10’s launching.

Even so, Samsung’s refined reputation in mobile photography has made it certain that the A9 can capture photos like a pro. It’s about time for a midrange device to offer flagship-like photography experience.