Samsung Galaxy Book Messes With Surface Pro 5 Plans

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If they were to be launched at the same time, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 would certainly have the upper hand against the Samsung Galaxy Book. It is, after all, the more established name in the 2-in-1 market, second only to the Apple iPad Pro.

But that’s not how it has played out. The Galaxy Book has the head start over the new Surface Pro – that gives it the time and space to steal potential buyers away from Microsoft.

Though there are many who would stick by the Surface series and would rather wait than to give in to Samsung’s latest temptation, they wouldn’t stop others from giving the Galaxy Book a shot.

There will be two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Book: the first measures at 10 inches and runs its display up to 1080p. It focuses more on media than productivity given that it packs an Intel Core M3 processor. The 12-inch model is where the fun really is.

Besides sporting Samsung’s signature AMOLED display, the larger Galaxy Book is driven by an Intel Core i5 that gives it enough punch for productivity tasks such as design work and video editing. Like the Surface Pro 5, it’s aimed directly at the iPad Pro.