Samsung Galaxy Book Raising The Bar For Microsoft Surface Pro 5

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The Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft has never failed to disappoint when it comes to offering the ultimate tablet experience and this explains why many are excited for the upcoming Surface Pro 5. The latter is projected to arrive in Q3 this year and it will be equipped with the best hardwares around.

However, this does not guarantee success for the Surface Pro 5 as the tablet is going to face stronger competition this year. Samsung had just revealed on a brand new Galaxy Book that is said to have the performance and ability to compete with the Surface Pro 5.

The Galaxy Book will come out in two forms. The base model will have a 10” display whereas the second model will feature a 12” screen. The former will have a 1080p resolution and it will be powered by the latest Intel Core M3. The larger Galaxy Book, on the other hand, is powered by an Intel Core i5.

The upmarket Galaxy Book may just have enough to offer a big challenge to the future Surface Pro 5 but will it truly be able to overtake the tablet from Microsoft?