Samsung Galaxy Book: Shots Fired At Microsoft Surface Pro 5

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The Surface Pro tablets from Microsoft has never failed to impress when it comes to providing the masses with the best tablet experience and this has got excited for the upcoming Surface Pro 5. The latter is expected to debut in Q3 and it will be packed with the best hardwares around.

But even if the Surface Pro 5 is to brag the best specs around, the tablet can’t expect to leap straight into success, especially when the competition is bound to get stiffer. In case you are unaware, Samsung had just revealed on a brand new Galaxy Book that is said to have the performance and ability to compete with the Surface Pro 5.

The Galaxy Book will come out in two forms. The base model will have a 10” display whereas the second model will feature a 12” screen. The former will have a 1080p resolution and it will be powered by the latest Intel Core M3. The larger Galaxy Book, on the other hand, is powered by an Intel Core i5.

It sure looks like the Galaxy Book has got the hardwares right and all that is left for Samsung to do is offer an attractive price tag with the tablet. Knowing that the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are often expansive, the advantage seems to be with Samsung right at this moment.