Samsung Galaxy Book vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Can Samsung Keep Up?

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When it comes to overpowered tablets or ultra-light laptops, there is only one champion in the market and that is the Microsoft Surface Pro. Despite having the shell of a tablet, the performance on the Surface Pro has always been satisfying and many have opted to use the device for work.

Later this year, Microsoft is expected to launch the next-gen Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 5. The upcoming slate is likely to run on the latest Intel-developed chips with the best hardwares around. But if you think that this is enough to guarantee victory on the sales front, you could be wrong.

Samsung said earlier today that they want to challenge the Surface Pro’s position in the market through launching a brand new Galaxy Book. The ultra-light laptop is refined for extreme mobility and productivity.

The Galaxy Book will arrive in two styles – 10” 1080p display and 12” display. The former will rely on the newly released Intel Core M3 whereas the latter will be equipped with the Intel i5 chips.

Samsung has certainly got the hardwares right for the Galaxy Book but this is with the exception of screen resolution. Only time will tell if this will be enough for Samsung to prevent the upcoming Surface Pro 5 from making it big in the market.