Samsung Galaxy Book vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Can The Tides Change?

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For years already, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets have dominated the charts for being the best professional device. This cannot be helped as the Surface Pro has always adopted the best hardwares around and it is also tailored for maximum productivity.

Later this year, Microsoft looks set to extend their streak in the tablet industry when they release the Surface Pro 5 but Samsung is not going to keep quiet about it. The South Korean tech firm wants to compete with the Surface Pro 5 with the upcoming Galaxy Book.

There will be two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Book: the first measures at 10 inches and runs its display up to 1080p. It focuses more on media than productivity given that it packs an Intel Core M3 processor. The 12-inch model is where the fun really is.

Besides sporting Samsung’s signature AMOLED display, the larger Galaxy Book is driven by an Intel Core i5 that gives it enough punch for productivity tasks such as design work and video editing.

The way we see it, pricing will be the determining factor on which tablet is better. Will the Galaxy Book be able to end the Surface Pro’s dominance?