Samsung Galaxy Fold: Late But Not Too Late

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It seems like everything was going according to plan for Samsung when they unveil their new Samsung Galaxy Fold device but it all started going downhill when some people reported the issue with the display. Samsung later came out with an explanation for it but there was no denying that there was some flaw in their designing as they were making the important protective screen way to easy to be peel off.

Well, after that, it made sense that the release date for the Galaxy Fold would be pushed back. According to The Korea Herald, Samsung has reviewed the defect and will be ready to come out with a conclusion this week.

This suggests that they might have found a fix for the issue but they have not revealed what the fix will be.

As for when the device will be arriving, they did not give us a date but it was suggested that they might be able to start delivering before the 31st of May.