Samsung Galaxy Fold Looking At A July Arrival

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Ever since Samsung had issues with the display of their new Samsung Galaxy Fold, we have been waiting for them to relaunch the smartphone. While they initially seem confident that they will be able to offer the smartphone in June, it looks like that might not happen anymore.

After the issues were reported, it was revealed that Samsung’s fix for the display issue was to tuck the protective layer under the body so that it can’t be peel off that easily but the fix might be easier said than done as instead of June, we might have to wait until July before we can actually get our hands on the device.

With all these delays, Best Buy has decided to cancel all pre-orders that they have of the Samsung Galaxy Fold while Samsung has been sending out emails to their customers asking them if they want to keep the pre-order or risk having them canceled.

At this point, we really do not know if the fix will be as easy as Samsung has suggested so all we can do now is wait.