Samsung Galaxy Fold: Rushing Did Not Benefit It

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Samsung was probably hoping that they will get to be the first to offer the world a foldable smartphone device but it looks like all that rushing did not do them any good as the Samsung Galaxy Fold ended up having more issue than they expected.

Just before Samsung could officially release the Galaxy Fold to the world, poeple started reporting about the display issues and that has led to Samsung holding the Galaxy Fold while they try to figure out a fix.

As of now, we are still waiting for the device to be released. The last we heard, Samsung has already made a few changes to the display to ensure that the protection layer does not get damaged.

Samsung co-CEO Dj Koh has also admitted that he pushed the device’s release when it was not ready and now the device will have to be pushed back even further. He added that it was embarrassing for Samsung. Let’s hope they can the release right this time around.