Samsung Galaxy Fold: What Is Samsung Doing To Fix It?

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We were all excited to see what the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be offering when it arrived. Sadly, things did not as smoothly as Samsung thought it would as some users started reporting about their issues with the screen.

After the incident, Samsung had to recall their Samsung Galaxy Fold devices and pushing back the launch of the device. After weeks of not knowing, we finally get to hear what Samsung will be doing to the Galaxy Fold to improve it.

One major issue with the device was the fact that the protective layer that was a crucial part of the display was fitted in such a way that most people would think it can be removed even though it should not. The improved version will have the protective layer tuck in so it can’t be peel off anymore.

One other issue that was pointed out was the fact that dirt and lint could easily get in between the display and the body of the device near the hinge. The dirt would then cause the display to warp and fail. Samsung’s fix will this as well.

No word on when the Galaxy Fold will be launch but we should not have to wait too long for it.