Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Announcement Date Leaked!

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is looking like it is going to be a flop which means the next Samsung smartphone that we can look forward to will most likely be the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

While Samsung has not revealed when they plan to announce their new Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, some people seem to already have a date to look forward to.

According to ETnews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled on the 10th of August which is about the time when we see Samsung make a Galaxy announcement. The last Note announcement was also around the same date.

It is safe to assume that the new Galaxy Note 10 will be offering a lot of the same feature as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and that it will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor, camera cut-out, minimal bezels and more We should also see it get fitted with a new camera system.

There were also talks about there being two Samsung Galaxy Note 10 this time around with one being a 6.4-inch device while the other will sport a 6.7inch display.