Samsung Galaxy Note 10: The More The Merrier?

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Samsung’s latest strategy is to make sure that they do not missed out on any target audience by releasing multiple version of the device. We have seen this with the Samsung Galaxy S10 and it looks like it will most likely be the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 as well.

According to ETNews, Samsing could be releasing four different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It was reported that one of the four could be the LTE version and another beng the 5G version. The other two would most likely be the bigger size options.

It was added that the smaller models will come witha 6.28inch display screen while the bigger models will be sporting a 6.75inch display. This will be the biggest Note we have seen so far. We are not sure if going that big is what users really want but the Note Series has always been known as the one to push the boundaries of display size.