Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Embrace Its Evil Side?

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We are still waiting for Samsung to unveil their new Samsung foldable smartphone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone but it looks like people are already ready to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 which is the furthest one.

There is not a whole lot of details now but new reports are saying that the phablet will be coming in with a larger screen. In fact, the reports said that it will be fitted with a 6.66inch display screen. For some, 666 might not be the best of numbers but having a bigger screen is always good news.

Besides getting a larger display, it was also reported that the device could be coming in with a 3.5mm audio jack which is nice since so many other smartphone manufacturers are choosing to take away the jack.

We should be hearing more about the device towards the end of next year. For now, let’s focus on the S10 and the rumored foldable smartphone.