Samsung Galaxy Note 9: A Note 8 Without The Defects!

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In a matter of months from now, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 9 and this is the phone that promises to be the new benchmark in the entire industry.

Sure, you may say that the Note 9 won’t be exciting due to the lack of new features coming to the device and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. But even with not having plenty of new things to offer, we can appreciate the fact that the Note 9 will be a Note 8 without any defects at all.

Think about it for a second. All the leaks and teasers are suggesting that the Note 9 will be like the Note 8 but without any issues. A fan of the Note Series has scoured every leak on the Note 9 and he made a list out of it. The list can be viewed below and it basically proves that that the Note 9 will be what the Note 8 could’ve been.

• A Long-lasting 4aH battery
• Stereo speakers
• Kept the headphone jack
• Improved camera, especially on low-light performance
• MicroSD retention
• Waterproof
• S-Pen w/ new Bluetooth functionality
• Multiple biometric security options and improved fingerprint scanner
• Better display
• Samsung pay – genuinely useful and awesome
• Wireless charging