Samsung Galaxy S10 To Force Apple Into Playing Catch-Up

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Speed looks less important today on flagship smartphones than it was some years ago. This is due to the chips being satisfyingly fast that makes people forget about comparing speeds.

But for those that have been looking for the fastest phones right now, they will agree that the iPhones are still ahead of the competition and this is owed to the advancements with the Apple chips.

Soon, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S10 and this device is now tipped to break the boundaries of speed. Just a week ago, the S10 has been linked to coming with the all-new Snapdragon 855 chipset that will feature a 7nm architecture.

Now, a new information has surfaced online and it claims that the S10 will also be the first smartphone to have DDR5 RAM. With such a margin of improvement, there is no doubt that the S10 will have an unrivalled speed and it will even force Apple to play catch-up in the performance tests.

More on this will be revealed when the S10 makes its preview unveiling next year. Stay tuned.