Samsung Galaxy S6: Android 6.0 Will Add In Note 5 Features!

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Very soon from now, we can expect Samsung to officially release the highly anticipated Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S6 and it will bless the device with tons of new and improved features.

The latest word from the developers revealed that the S6 will be equipped with up-to-date camera features that are offered with the latest Note 5. In other words, the Marshmallow OS for the S6 will add in tons of new options and settings for the camera.

Aside from that, Android 6.0 will offer a smoother experience where the renderings are faster and more fluid. A recent test on the S6 revealed that the device can load 7 apps before it reloads. This is simply impressive and a step forward for both the Android system and the S6.

Of course, the official details on the Marshmallow update is still pending to get released by Samsung. This will have to wait until the update gets released somewhere in January next year.