Samsung Galaxy S7: Digital Overhaul May Scare Off The Majority

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Samsung is about to launch a massive update for the Galaxy S7 and it is going to be huge – literally. Unlike past firmware updates, the Nougat OS that is coming to the Galaxy S7 will change the way everything works.

The firmware update will introduce the new Grace UX user interface that will also replace TouchWiz. Smartphone enthusiasts that have tried Grace UX are pleased with the changes but the silent majority of Galaxy S7 won’t share the same sentiment.

The silent majority has remained silent because they are content or satisfied with the Galaxy S7 and previous Galaxy devices. Hence, the Nougat update that will also change the way a Samsung phone works may bring up plenty of unhappy faces.

It is a risk which Samsung needs to take because they will need to rebrand and look fresh, especially after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Knowing Samsung, they should be aware of what we want on their devices thus we are confident that the update will make it better on the Galaxy S7.