Samsung Galaxy S7 Does Poorly By Galaxy Note 7

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Last week, Samsung announced that they have given up on the Galaxy Note 7. The tech giant shared that there is no way they can fix the device despite making a recall for it. Samsung then plead for the existing Note 7 users to swap their phones for a new Galaxy S7 without any charges.

To make things extra interesting, Samsung promised to offer Note-like features on the S7. They feel that the S7 can replace the Note 7, at least for the time being. This brings us to today, when Samsung launched yet another update to bring in Note-exclusive features in the Galaxy S7.

The update added in a few extra AOD styles and shows the currently playing song on it. While it might look nice, it is not enough to impress the Note fans at all.

The Note fans are disappointed with the substitute Galaxy S7 for not having enough to offer. The most important tool which they need on the S7 is the S-Pen. Samsung shared that more updates will be coming out in the future and perhaps, they should consider offering the S-Pen from the Note 7 for free to the Galaxy S7.

Things will certainly get better in the future with the updates from Samsung but it will take the S-Pen to take the attention away from the exploding Note 7.