Samsung Galaxy S7: Don’t Waste This Note 7 Feature!

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Samsung may have spoiled everything when they pulled the plug on the Galaxy Note but not everything on the device is lost. One great new feature that was introduced on the Note 7 managed to survive the axe and it is now being made available on the Galaxy S7.

If you are wondering what it is, the feature is called Secure Folder. It comes in the form of an app and its purpose is to offer users the ability to hide every sensitive personal file on their phone.

With Secure Folder, the said files will remain locked in the folder and it can only be accessed by the user after going through a certain security process. These files will also not appear on the Gallery or any forms of media explorer.

Samsung is now offering Secure Folder to the Galaxy S7 but you can only download it if your phone has been upgraded to the latest Android Nougat firmware. There are also APK downloads for Secure Folder available online which you can rely on if you can’t find the application on the store.