Samsung Galaxy S7: Let’s Forget Stock Android

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The stock Android experience is something Samsung will never understand as they are committed to promote TouchWiz. This should be enough to trash the rumours that are linking the latest Galaxy S7 into getting a stock Android update from Samsung.

Even today, the Galaxy S7 users are pleased with the new interface that is offered together with the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Known as the Grace UX, it is said to work better than TouchWiz and the launcher does not demand much from the phone’s hardwares.

We have tested out Grace UX on our Galaxy note 7 and we can really feel a positive change from TouchWiz. The new user interface is not just cleaner but it is also a lot smoother.

After missing the Google Play devices for so long and wishing for stock Android on the Galaxy S-phones, we can finally stay quiet and enjoy our S7 with a peace of mind.