Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini: A Leverage Takeover Bid

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The Samsung Galaxy S-Mini Series has gone missing since the arrival of the Galaxy S6 but it may just make a return later this year. The speculations are rife in claiming that Samsung is developing the S7 Mini that is based on the original Galaxy S7.

The idea might sound absurd considering that we are already in the month of the October and it is unlikely for Samsung to release a new major phone at this period of time. But then again, an insider claims that the S7 Mini is truly in development and it is built as a leverage device for Samsung.

The word is that Samsung has made huge financial losses due to the problematic batteries on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they desperately need to fix their sales sheet before the year ends. Covering billions of dollars is not a simple task hence Samsung is banking in on the popular Mini nameplate to reduce the damage as much as possible.

But of course, Samsung has yet to make any official remark on the Galaxy S7 Mini hence you should take the above with a grain of salt. If the Galaxy S7 Mini does get produced, will it be able to clear up the financial damage caused by the Galaxy Note 7.