Samsung Galaxy S7: Quick Fix For Charging Worries

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The exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a scary happening in the tech world but it is not the only device that can set your house on fire. There are quite a number of reports regarding other phone models going inferno at random but they are not as widespread as the Note 7.

What shocked us is when we learn that the Galaxy S7 has caught fire two. Up until today, there were two reports on the S7’s charger exploding due to some unknown faults with the hardware.

The good news is that there is an alternative way to prevent any further explosion and it is through wireless charging. A tech expert shared online that the S7’s charger should be replaced by a low voltage wireless charging station for improved safety.

There are a number of products out there but we strongly recommend getting the TYLT Qi Charging Stand, Spigen Qi Charging Stand and the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad.

All three products are the common choices from the S7 users that have opted for wireless charging and they all work well with the flagship phone.