Samsung Galaxy S7 Takes Over From Note 7 Again

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has created history for causing the creating the biggest scare in the smartphone industry. Unless you have been living in a cave, you should be aware of the exploding Note 7 that is caused by the faulty battery unit on the device.

The problematic Note 7 created mayhem as it set fire on cars, houses and major injuries to some of the users. Things are no different on Samsung’s side as they suffered huge losses on the financial end of things.

It was reported earlier today that the damages have cost Samsung more than $1 billion in losses and the decline is ongoing until every Note 7 get inspected and fixed. The process is a time consuming one and this explains why Samsung is praying hard for the Galaxy S7 to keep on selling at a rapid pace.

Samsung is in deep need for the Galaxy S7 to control the financial damage so that the annual financial report that is due in the coming month won’t look gloomy. Until the Note 7 is fixed, Samsung can only rely on the S7 to survive a nightmarish financial year.