Samsung Galaxy S9: Don’t Mistake Me For A Portable Hard Drive

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The next major phone to come from Samsung is the Galaxy S9 and the phone is not expected to arrive until Q2 next year. Even so, we don’t have to wait until then to get a rough idea on what the S9 will have to offer.

It was confirmed earlier today that Samsung has commenced producing the world’s first 64-layer 512GB universal flash storage and this hints on its application with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In other words, the Galaxy S9 may arrive with 512GB of internal storage space which could mean the end of a microSD card slot. Having 512GB on a smartphone is really massive as it would make storage being on-par to that of a portable hard drive.

But of course, there is not telling if the Galaxy S9 will truly come out with 512GB, at least until Samsung makes the necessary reveal next year.