Samsung Galaxy S9: Leaked Colours Won’t Come True, Here’s Why

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The next big thing to come from Samsung is the Galaxy S9 and recent weeks have seen many new claims being made on the device. Aside from the large 512GB storage space that seems likely to debut on the S9, rumours are suggesting that the phone will come with three new colours.

The word is that Samsung will offer the S9 in black, blue, gold, silver, white and purple. The rumours based their reveal on an unknown leak and it is partly why we view this claim with great scrutiny.

Think about it for a second. The Galaxy S8 debuted with only three colour options instead of the rumoured 5 colour options. It was more or less the same with the Galaxy S7. Claims being made on the Galaxy colours have got a poor track record of coming true hence we don’t expect to see the S9 wearing a purple suit.

But of course, there is no certainty on this at the moment and we will need to wait for Samsung to officially unveil the S9 to know for sure. That is expected to happen somewhere in March next year so stay tuned.