Samsung Galaxy S9 May Signify An End To Delayed Updates

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Samsung is viewed by many as the king of the smartphone market but that doesn’t mean all is perfect with the products from the company. If there is one thing bad with adopting a Samsung smartphone, it is with the late updates.

Samsung has never been swift when it comes to releasing new updates and this include the monthly security patches. Those that have used a Galaxy S6 or S7 will know better that Samsung is occasionally late with their software support.

But with the Galaxy S9, things are changing for the better and this can be seen earlier this month when the phone received October security patch. Not many expected the update to arrive swiftly as Samsung normally waits an entire month to release a security patch.

With the timing of things improving for the better, there is a huge chance that Samsung has changed their ways and this has raised expectations for Android Pie to arrive before 2018 comes to end.

Such a happening will change the ways of the past that requires flagship Samsung users to wait until Q1 of a new year for an update to happen.