Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Giving Up Headphone Jacks!

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The axing of a 3.5mm headphone jack on smartphones has created a huge chaos in the industry as many see it as an unacceptable change. It all started with the previous generation iPhones and since then, many Android phone manufacturers have picked up the trend.

The good news here is that the flagship phones from Samsung don’t seem like giving up the headphone feature just yet. The Galaxy S8 and even the new Note 8 still comes with a traditional 3.5mm port – something which consumers see as a great move from Samsung.

Today, new rumors on the future Galaxy S9 has surfaced online and they all indicated that the phone will still feature headphone jack. If true, it makes Samsung the only attractive phone manufacturer to offer the old feature on their flagships and it may serve them positively on the sales front.

We can be pretty sure that Samsung realized that they are among the last major manufacturers to still offer the feature and this may give them a big financial boost. All will be confirmed when Samsung brings out the Galaxy S9 early next year.