Samsung Galaxy S9 To Revive Nexus 6 Glory?

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The Galaxy S9 is the next big thing to come from Samsung and the flagship phone is expected to get unveiled somewhere in March this year. After experiencing back-to-back success with the S7 and the S8, many are curious to see on how Samsung will impress the crowd with the S9.

If the leaks are to be referred to, the S9’s focus looks to be with improving the overall user experience. Performance and security features are no longer the priority as they are at an advanced level.

By user experience, the leaks are suggesting on the use of stereo front speakers. Such a feature was made famous by the old Google Nexus 6 and it would be a blessing to have them as a standard on a Samsung flagship.

But of course, until Samsung brings out the S9, we can’t confirm on the availability of stereo speakers. That will have to wait until March this year.