Samsung Galaxy S9 Trashes CES Hopefuls!

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The ongoing CES tech convention gained a lot of attention from the consumers and this is partly owed to the strong anticipation for the next Samsung flagship – the Galaxy S9.

Like the Galaxy S8, the S9 will make its debut in early Q2 this year but rumours are rife in claiming that Samsung will have something to show at the CES event. Well, if you are keen to see some Galaxy S9 action at CES, you best give it a rest because this isn’t happening at all.

Samsung has already said back in Q4 this year that they will unveil the Galaxy S9 at the MWC event, not CES. We are actually surprised the official message from Samsung didn’t reach out well to the masses.

When the Galaxy S9 arrives, it is expected to debut with a 4K-capable display with a 3,300mAh battery and Google Treble. All will be confirmed at MWC 2018 so stay tuned.