Samsung Looking At 2-In-1 To Regain Dominance In Tablet Scene!

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The world has heard plenty about a large tablet with foldable capabilities being developed by Samsung but we have yet to see an actual product getting unveiled.

Well, that will look to change in the near future – at least that is what being suggested in a new patent filed by the South Korean tech giant.

The patent added in more details to the foldable tablet blueprint that was registered back in September 2016. From it, we noticed one great addition and it is with a physical keyboard.

The keyboard is fully expected to be removable in nature thus making the tablet looking like a 2-in-1 laptop. Whether this will bring in greater tools aimed at productivity is a question that remains to be answered.

If the outcome is to be as per above later this year, Samsung has the potential to close the gap, if not outsell the Apple iPad Mini.

Microsoft has highlighted on the great demand for 2-in-1 tablet and Samsung may have taken that into account when designing their next major tablet.