Samsung Not Ready To Give Up On VR Yet

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VR certainly did not take off as fast as we thought it would but like Sony, Samsung is also not ready to give up on VR just yet. Not too long ago, Sony announces that they are still invested in their PSVR headset and now Samsung has announced that their new Samsung Galaxy S10 will be compatible with the Gear VR headset.

According to Samsung, the Samsung Gear VR will come with an adapter that will work with the S10. All four of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone will be compatible with the VR headset. That is nice since when Samsung release the Note 9, the device was not compatible with the Gear VR adapters. Users actually had to contact Samsung to get a suitable adapter mailed to them.

Of course, there is still no news about Samsung working on any new VR headset yet but at least they are still making sure that the current Gear VR headset stays relevant while they figure out where they stand when it comes to VR.