Samsung Note 9: 3 Effective Workaround For Poor Motion Quality

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ticks every box for being the best flagship-level smartphone right now but this is with the exception of photography. Despite having a highly-rated camera hardware, the Note 9’s software has never been able to offer a satisfying photography experience.

We learned on this the hard way when we finally got a full hands-on day with the Note 9. Most of our hours with the phone was spent on photography and that was when we were handed an absolute shocker.

Unlike the Galaxy S9, the Note 9’s camera software looks cluttered and it can’t capture a shake-free photo in quick sequences. For those that are used to a Samsung, the issue wouldn’t appear bothersome. Unfortunately for us, we have longed relied on a Pixel phone hence the Note 9’s poor camera functions are impossible to forgive and forget.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid snapping a bad quality picture. The first involves activating the Burst Mode that will capture several pictures at once before allowing you to select on the best image.

The second is to experiment with the aperture lighting. If you can find the right exposure amount, you can increase the speed of the shutter thus allowing you to capture photos without shake. Last, and also least, is to rely on slow-motion feature before selecting an image that satisfies you the most.