Samsung Note 9: A Hard Drive With Phone Capabilities?

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The Galaxy Note 9 is the next big thing to come from Samsung and we are curious to see how the phone plans to be better than the latest Galaxy S9.

According to preview reports, the biggest change on the Note 9 is with the S-Pen that will come with more functions – namely Bluetooth connectivity. Today, a new leak has surfaced online and it suggests that the most expansive Note 9 will feature 512GB of internal storage space.

This is insanely huge and it gets more ridiculous when you realized that the Note 9 will feature a microSD card slot that can house an additional 512GB. Combining the two will grant you 1TB of storage space on the Note 9.

If true, we may as well call the Note 9 as a storage device that can function as a smartphone. There won’t be a more accurate description than that.