Samsung Note 9 Cashing It Big On S-Pen!

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Most major teases, leaks and rumours covering the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 talked about the S-Pen feature on the phone and this has left many curious to see on the goodness which the tool will bring.

The anticipation grew louder today when a notable industry insider posted on Twitter that the S-Pen will have an incredible charging feature. Based on the statement, we are imagining a mechanism that will turn the S-Pen into a charging dongle for the Note 9.

It’s a little bit like the Apple Pencil where you can insert the tool backwards for charging purposes. Perhaps, the Note 9 will have a USB Type-C port on one end of the S-Pen that will be used to charge both the feature and the phone at the same time.

There is no way to be certain at the moment hence we will need to wait until the Note 9 gets unveiled for the full scoop.