Samsung S9: Dominant Sales Won’t Make It Better Than HTC U12

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Samsung is the most dominant name in the flagship market and we can’t recall the last time a Galaxy Sx device was unable to achieve the bestseller title globally.

The all-new Galaxy S9 has successfully maintained this trend although its overpowered setup does not mean the most complete experience around. If there’s one thing lacking with Samsung, it is good timing when launching updates.

The last flagship, the Galaxy S8, is possibly the last flagship from 2017 to get Android Oreo and this simply shows where Samsung is weak at. To further cement Samsung’s poor reputation at handling updates, the older HTC 10 received Android Oreo a whole month earlier.

With HTC plotting to release their next flagship, the U12, you can expect the software support trend to continue. The U12 is likely to get Android P months ahead of the Galaxy S9 even if it can’t match Samsung’s popularity.

We will be greatly surprised if Samsung suddenly improved their software support services because that has never been the case for the company since the beginning. If the latest software is your priority, you may want to skip the Galaxy S9 for the HTC U12.

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  1. devraj barad

    May 9, 2018 at 1:35 am

    Waiting for htc u 12😍😍