Samsung Tab S4 vs iPad Pro: Is Android Tablet Finally Good?

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Android-powered tablets have lost a large portion of its market share to the Apple iPad Pro and this can be blamed on the lack of commitment shown towards the market.

But in the past year or so, manufacturers have started changing their ways through launching praise-worthy tablets. For Samsung, they are on the verge of launching the Galaxy Tab S4 and early details on the device are hinting on a close contest with the Apple iPad Pro.

To keep things brief, the Tab S4 is linked to having a 10.5” 2560x1600p resolution, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 and a large 7300mAh battery. Based on these alone, we can safely say that the Tab S4 will finally be a flagship smartphone but moulded as a tablet.

This is the minimum requirement for the Tab S4 if it wants to compete with the iPad Pro. To get an edge over its rival, Samsung will potentially launch the next-gen S-Pen with the tablet. The latter will debut together with the Note 9 and it will feature Bluetooth support that will maximize productivity. Having such a feature on the Tab S4 will certainly boost its function.

All of the above will be confirmed when the Tab S4 make its debut at the end of August next month and we will see if the tablet have got what it takes to compete with the iPad Pro.