Samsung W2018 Promises Pocket-Fit Tablet Experience!

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Since a year ago, Samsung has been linked with the development of a flip-phone that can be restructured into a fully-functional tablet. A preview of this revolutionary product has already gotten unveiled and Samsung calls it the W2018.

The flip phone will have screens on all four sides where they can be unfolded to form a rectangular tablet. The dividers between the screen will be hard to notice due to Samsung’s curved Edge display and its successful implementation will shape their future flagship products.

Today, Samsung offered an update on the W2018 and they revealed that they are still committed to release the concept device. The tech giant also confirmed everyone’s suspicion by quoting the W2018 as a ‘foldable phone that is also a tablet that fits in your pocket’.

We personally can’t imagine what the experience with the device will be like but we can look forward to learning more on W2018 in the near future. Either that or the flip structure could debut on the Galaxy S10.