Sony PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Version Announce!

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There are already rumors about Sony preparing to reveal the next PlayStation console but before that happens, if you are still looking to own the PS4, Sony will have a new Limited Edition model to offer soon.

The new edition is called the “Days of Play” edition and will be announced during the State of Play event. What sets the console apart from the standard console is the iconic Triangle, Circle, X and Square logo on the side of the system as well as the steel-grey exterior color. The console will come with a matching DualShock 4 controller.

This version will have 1TB of internal storage to offer. While no price has been announced yet, it is estimated that it would cost around $300 USD when it does arrive.

Sony did offer something similar last year but that model that a more eye-catching design compared to the 2019 version which is more subtle and sleek.