Sony Xperia XA3 Sizing Up To Stiffer Competition!

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Recent years have witnessed a sharp spike in demand for midrange smartphones and Sony has taken the opportunity to offer some of the best devices around.

The Xperia XA-Series has been rated highly for the quality which it has to offer – even when prices of the phones are a notch above the competition. But even with that in mind, the number of Sony smartphones sold have never stopped shrinking.

Sony is hoping to change this next year when they launched the Xperia XA3. Leaks on the XA3 has surfaced online earlier today and it hints on an exciting offering ahead.

For starters, the XA3 will be a lot faster thanks to the use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 660. The chipset will ensure smooth performance on the large 5.9” QHD screen. Another thing worth noting is that the XA3 will feature dual-rear cameras like the ones on the XZ2 Premium.

The specs will require a second checking from Sony but not the design. As per the leak below, you can see that the XA3 promises to be visually stunning through its rectangular setup with ultra-slim top and bottom bezels.

All in all, the XA3 is a big upgrade from the XA2 in terms of size, performance and camera ability. The verdict will be out when the XA3 debuts in CES next year. Can it turn Sony’s fortunes around?