Sony Xperia XZ Premium Shows What Android Market Is Missing

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The Google Pixels and Nexus devices are all great in their own rights but they all lack one thing – longevity. This was confirmed in a market research conducted on the Android industry when they found that the usability of the Pixels and Nexus phones experience the sharpest declines with age.

The research pointed out that a 6-months’ old Pixel XL in their test is unable to return the same battery life like in day one. The same can be said for the devices from Samsung, which often gets plagued by issues that prevents smooth usage.

The Galaxy S-series, including that of the S7, has encountered many declining issues such as the inability to turn on Wi-Fi as well as constant crashes. So, which brand actually makes the longest lasting phones?

The answer to this is Sony. The research summed up by revealing that the devices from Sony are the longest lasting in the world. With Sony preparing to offload the Xperia XZ Premium, we can’t help but to assume that the phone will keep on with its longevity setup.

The Xperia XZ Premium is not expected to make an impactful debut due to the unpopularity of Sony-made devices but those that plan to purchase the phone can look forward to use the XZ Premium for a long time.