Sony Xperia XZ2: Early Android Pie Update Isn’t Worth The Celebration

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Timely software updates are an important criterion for the majority of consumers and those that have gotten themselves the Sony Xperia XZ2 can be pleased with their decision.

This is because the XZ2 is quick to get an update and this is evident with the Android Pie firmware. Sony released Android Pie to the XZ2 a couple of weeks ago and the notion has placed XZ2 users ahead of users on rival flagship devices.

But then again, reading the details of the update will paint an awry picture as Android Pie on the XZ2 appears to be missing a lot of features. One of our users shared with us that the screen layout on the XZ2 remains the same and there is also the absence of Pie-exclusive gestures.

The firmware upgrade that was sent out to the phone comes with Android Pie’s logo but it is just not the complete package. If this is left unaddressed, Sony’s update methods could just be about stopping users from whining and nothing more. Only time will on this.