Sony XZ2 Premium May Leave HTC U12+ Puzzled!

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For those that have been following HTC, their flagship ship phone of this year has suffered a miserable start in the market. It was reported last week that the U12 Plus has recorded a 2-year low in sales for HTC in its first month and this puts the device on the verge of being a flop.

Fans of HTC can’t help but to pit the blame on the missing USB Type-C to 3.5mm jack dongle that isn’t offered together with the U12 Plus like how it was in the U11. The dongle is valued at only $12 and seeing HTC going cheap on it has left the crowd looking at other devices.

Well, we can now confirm that Sony is going to walk down the same path with the Xperia XZ2 Premium. The XZ2 Premium is due to make its debut later this month and an unboxing video of the phone has confirmed that the dongle won’t be available in the box.

But even with the missing feature, the comments on the clip is filled with praises for the phone. You can see it for yourself below.