Vivo Nex S Writes Off Fragile Claims!

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Vivo is a China-based smartphone manufacturer that is doing its business in selected markets but that doesn’t make it incapable of offering some revolutionary features on its devices.

The all-new Vivo Nex S has proved this point when it came out with a full-frontal screen without the need of a notch. The best part is that the front-facing camera isn’t embedded on the lower chin. The feature is instead hidden inside the phone and it will come out of the top when the camera is activated.

It’s an interesting innovation which may lead other phone manufacturers to adopt a similar setup for their future device. But on the other hand, the pop-up cameras make the Nex S sound less convincing on the reliability front.

Those that have heard of the phone were quick to call it a fragile device but this is apparently not the case at all. The Nex S has made its official appearance on JerryRigsEverything and the lad has nothing but praises for the phone’s build quality. Just see it for yourself below.