Xiaomi: Forcing Notch On All Phones Is Unfair

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The Apple iPhone X has had a huge impact on the tech industry and one of them is with the start of the notch trend. The notch is a styling that refers to a small cut-out at the top of the display to house the front-facing camera.

Apple certainly has the resources to create a full-frontal display on the iPhone X but they have decided to settle with the notch to make an extra dime. Jumping straight to full display will only skip an era of profits.

This decision is now paying off as it has led Android OEMs into following the notch ‘culture’. If you are to observe the new phones launched this year, most of them feature the notch styling. Not everyone is pleased by the trend and this has been confirmed in a poll from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi UK had just conducted an online poll which saw over 26,000 people participating and 51% of them are against the notch trend. This is a clear sign that there needs to be phones without notches. Forcing every good phone with a notch will only restrict sales to 49% of consumers.

You can check out the poll below.

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