Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Brings Value To Dull Tablet Scene!

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If there’s one thing lacking in the Android tablet scene, it is good tablet which can sing praises at. The absence of such a device has granted Apple a free pass in sales through the iPad Pro and this will look to change in the near future.

While not exactly a slate that can outshine the iPads, Xiaomi’s all-new Mi Pad 4 brings unbeatable value for those looking for an affordable tablet with all the goodies of the current-generation tech world.

The Mi Pad 4 features an 8” full HD display for the best media consumption around and power is drawn from the award-winning Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. The best part is that the Mi Pad 4 also comes with face unlock.

For a tablet of such capabilities, we expected an MSRP of at least $300 and we were wrong. Over in China, the device is being sold for $169 after conversion to US dollars which makes it a steal.